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Personal Recommendations

 We may have a small staff, but we read extensively and are quite familiar with our inventory even if we haven't read every book. We are happy to help recommend a book for you, or to help you find gifts for others. Just stop in and ask, or feel free to call or email ahead of time with information about your needs so we can select books for you to consider when you arrive. 

Special Orders

 If you need a specific book that we don't have in stock, we can usually order a copy that will arrive here within a few business days. If a book will take longer to arrive, or is unavailable, we will let you know. 

Out of Print Searches

 If you are looking for a book that is no longer in print, we will work with used book dealers to find a copy for you. 

Offsite Bookselling

 Bookbound can provide bookselling for author appearances or other book-related events. We have worked with various departments at University of Michigan, the Ann Arbor District Library, the Michigan Library Association, and authors who have arranged events at area venues including theaters and restaurants. Please reach out if you need a bookselling partner for your event!   

Institutional & Bulk Orders

 Bookbound can provide books for organizations. Depending on the quantities, titles, and type of organization, we can often offer a discount for these orders. We have worked with public and private  schools, professors, university departments, hospitals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Whether you are seeking multiple copies of a single title, a list of  specific books, or a collection curated by our knowledgeable staff, please let us know. 


 We offer a 20% discount to book club members if four or more copies of a book are purchased from Bookbound.   

 We offer a 20% discount for books that will be used in the classroom, or for teacher preparation. This discount applies to pre-K to 12 in public & private schools as well as homeschoolers.

There are a few exceptions to these discounts - ask us for details.


what is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase, with receipt, for exchange or store credit. Books and merchandise must be in brand new condition.

All sales are final on clearance and used books.



As a mom-and-pop shop we do work a lot of hours. Fortunately, we love what we do! In order to avoid burning ourselves out, we take two 1-week breaks each year. We try to be consistent and predictable to minimize any inconvenience to our patrons. We generally close the store for the first week of February and the first week of August, plus or minus a few days. We always post the dates of our vacations on our website, Facebook and Twitter. 



 We host very few in-store events aside from our Open Mic & Share Poetry Series, some community events, and occasional local book launches or readings for authors with whom we have an existing relationship. Standard author events are not our specialty. Feel free to send us an email with information about your book, and the reasons why you think the event will be a success, and we will let you know.  If we decline, please do not take it personally – we have a small shop, no dedicated event space, and very little staff. There are other bookstores in town with the space and staffing to host many successful events, so we suggest you seek them out!  

Will you carry my book?

 We make decisions about hundreds of titles each week, and most purchasing decisions are made in advance of a book's publication. We will consider adding books post-publication if we believe that they are a fit for our store. While we are overwhelmed with submissions and cannot reply to everyone, feel free to email us about your book. Please keep the following information in mind: 


Trade-published authors: Send us an email with information about your book including the ISBN. A link to the publisher's page or a sell sheet will generally give us the information we need to make a decision. If your book is not available at standard terms through the publishers, distributors or wholesalers that we work with, we will consider a consignment arrangement with you if you live in Washtenaw County, Michigan. 

 Self-published authors and those using vanity presses, publishing-services companies, or other non-trade publishers: There are roughly one million self-published books released each year, and they are rarely professionally reviewed pre-publication or distributed through the usual channels. For these practical reasons, we choose to give priority to our local writing community which we support regardless of their publication method.  Please do not send us any unsolicited copies of your book.

 --If you live in Washtenaw County, Michigan, we will most likely offer to carry your book on consignment (we may decline if the content is offensive or if the physical format of the book is impractical). Send us an email with information regarding your book and we will send you our consignment application. Please do not send us a link to your book's Amazon listing.   

 --If you do not live in Washtenaw County, we are unable to carry your book. 

Don't see your question here?

For any questions we didn't answer, or to contact us about any of the above topics, please send an email to